• Pendants

    Classic Crystal Designs by Marcel Vogel and Drew Tousley 

    The Angel Pendants, Michael, Star of David, Circle Star and Lotus, all crafted from the highest quality crystal

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  • Healing Crystals

    Powerful and Energetic

    They're small enough to fit in your pocket, or lay safely on the body, and they are beautiful in occluded clear or optical grade quartz.

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  • Meditation Tools

    These can add quite an energetic presence to a living space, gathering place, or spiritual retreat center- serving as a focus point for group meditation and prayer work, or just energizing and grounding your environment.

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  • Vogel Crystals

    The Standard for a Modern Day

    Crystal Healing Tool

    These have become the standard for the modern day crystal-healing tool: double terminated, symmetrically cut and balanced and finished to perfection.

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  • Andara Creations

    Unique and Dynamic

    The material used in these pieces is a type of volcanic glass, found on Sacred Indian Lands in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. Found in extremely rare trace mineral deposits, and comes in a variety of shades of green - from lovely deep emerald to olive, medium and light greens.


Why Choose Crystals from Luminary Studios

VogelGoldInfusedwBag450px-It's loving care, great skill, and attention to detail that sets each Luminary Studios crystal apart from the rest. We carefully select a crystal from our stockpile - using only the finest optical grade quartz available. Each crystal then begins with a prayer of intention, and is hand ground and lapped on 18 inch diamond disks, refined and finished on a series of wooden laps, and finally polished to a high luster by hand on a high speed pad with a very fine grade of Cerium Oxide.

Great care is given to each stage to ensure that each crystal is beautifully balanced and finished with a bright silvery finish. A special blessing and programming is given by Drew, and each crystal is fitted into a custom made fleece-lined suede pouch for protection, carefully packed and shipped via UPS.

"Telephones for God" is how crystals were described by Marcel Vogel, a former research scientist for IBM, and the man who became the pioneer in developing the modern therapeutic use of quartz crystal healing tools. The Vogel name has become synonymous with the double terminated shape (see page 10 of catalogue) that has been so extensively copied in the new age/healing community marketplace.

I had the great fortune to work for Marcel and his son Marcel Jr., and to learn the craft of cutting the Vogel crystals which became his trademark.

I managed Marcel's cutting operation from 1985 until his passing in 1991, starting with virtually no skills (I was horrible!), and gradually developed a level of mastery within the medium . While I still make (and love) the basic Vogel designs, both healing tools and pendants, over the years I have been blessed with a great many new designs- to be used as meditation enhancers and healing tools in their own right- some of which are presented here.

I could not begin to share all of the wonderful experiences my wife and I have had with crystals, and there is no doubt in my mind that crystals have a unique and special ability to help us open to a broader experience of ourselves as spiritual beings and to strengthen our personal connection with God/Goddess.

I have always endeavored to create a peaceful and harmonious environment in which to cut crystals and I have always made it a point to say a special prayer before starting each piece, while also blessing and programming each crystal before sending it into the world. Cutting is my Yoga and meditation, and we have been told over and over again that our work is unmatched both in terms of physical beauty and in terms of energy.

Ultimately crystals are about energy, and I'm pleased to know that these crystals have found their way into the hands and hearts of people who understand and have reaped the benefits, psychologically, spiritually, and even physically, of wearing and/or using crystals for their own awakening.

Drew Tousley

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