LuminaryLogo600pxLuminary Studios was founded in 1993 by Drew Tousley and incorporated in 2000. Located in the lovely Alta Sierra area of Grass Valley, CA, we are a small cutting operation, intent on serving the needs of the spiritual community by providing them with the highest quality quartz crystal meditation/healing tools and jewelry available.

While we still make the complete line of crystals as developed by Marcel Vogel, we have also developed a variety of healing/energy tools and pendants - designed by Drew Tousley - that have been "road tested" and proven in the field for their ability to enhance meditation, healing, and self-healing processes. The prayers and intention that go into our work do make a difference, as the plentiful positive feedback to us will attest.

Reported benefits of using/wearing our crystals:

  • greater sense of well-being
  • more energy & a feeling of lightness
  • more emotional stability
  • greater ability to move through issues
  • more connectedness to God/Goddess
  • enhanced meditations
  • greater ability to "channel"
  • greater ability to release energy blocks
  • enhanced psychic abilities

We invite you to find out for yourself...

Drew Tousley