Introducing Baby Crystals

Our answer to the need for a quality, yet affordable, starter crystal for the healing community.

Perfect for enhancing Reiki treatments, for meditating, using in ‘laying on’ healing work, or for just hanging out with. We have developed this ‘direct only’ line of crystals, in to meet the needs of the REIKI community, which has expressed the need for an affordable and quality entry level tools for healing work. These may be diminutive in stature, but they can truly pack a wallop energetically. We’ve gotten a vey good response from these so far. Please note that these are not discountable items, and they are only available directly from Luminary Studios. You will not find them in any store.

Approximately 1.5" in length, they can be done in larger sizes if preferred.


My wife’s favorite. These are all about bringing Heaven here to Earth. They can be held in the left or right hand while doing REIKI work, or they can be held by the patient to assist in having the best healing session possible. Pocket size, portable, and powerful! These will typically (but not always) have some occlusion within them.

baby angel crystal



These can be used in either hand during session work, and they can focus energy just like the larger Vogels. 

Perfect for meditation, contemplation, channeling, REIKI, and other healing practices.

12 sided baby vogel

Vogel 8 - $120Vogel12 - $185
Vogel 13 - $195




A modified Vogel 4. Also great as a pocket piece, for meditation, great stability for laying on the body work. The curves on the piece give a very nice balance of male and female energies.

baby pranic crystal by luminary studios
Baby Foreseer - $ 120 – Pranic 12 - $150 – Pranic 18 - $ 235