Vogel Crystals


A word about Vogel Crystals...

I am continually amused (and sometimes appalled) at what is passing for Vogel crystals in the marketplace today. It seems today that any cut crystal with two points is called a "Vogel", whether it is cut in Brazil or Asia. Even those who promote the Vogel name widely in association with their products, I'm sorry to say, are frequently missing the mark and they are unfortunately misinforming the public about the true nature of the Vogel crystal as developed by Marcel Vogel.

The angles for the crystal tips they use, and the information about the origin and usage of certain of Marcel's designs are inaccurate, raising some serious integrity questions in my mind.

I have been cutting Vogel crystals since 1985. There is no one that I am aware of that knows the cutting of Vogel crystals better than I do. The specific angles and standards for cutting these crystals were established by Marcel (and myself) in the creation of these pieces. 

Let the Buyer Beware!

A large percentage of the "Vogels" you see in the marketplace are machine cut and imported from Brazil. They are cut from mostly inferior materials. They are not cut to the same angles that Marcel used (the front tip in particular), and without the same prayerful intention with which we cut ours. While they will work to some degree, being made of quartz, we have been told repeatedly by experienced, professional healers that they do not even come close to ours in terms of cutting quality, power, and energy.

Luminary Studios is THE source for authentic vogel crystals.

We hope you will consider these facts when you decide where you would purchase your next crystal. Our integrity, quality, and intention is assured - you have my word on it.

Drew Tousley